From Words on a Page to Behaviors into Action

Your organization is built around an idea. When excited teams operate in a trusting culture and focus on strong ideas – then visions and values feed the highest levels of performance. It sounds easy when sketched out this way. But it takes more than just “telling” people to behave a certain way.

“Telling” by itself almost never works. The challenge is to get words turned into actionable behaviors. Many things can get in the way: daily operations with critical deadlines, old established “we don’t do it that way around here” mind sets, teams unwilling to change, organizational politics, distrust, and the lack of a clear sense of what needs to happen. Most managers, after all, are not performance and change experts.

All Out Performance can help you examine your operations to determine what gets in the way of your performance needs. Sometimes the diagnosis is not pleasant to face. But, with a high-performance culture, there’s always a fix that will help achieve your goals.

Our consultants and performance experts have worked around the globe for more than 35 years. We know how to facilitate learning and invent brand new tools specifically for our clients. We can teach your managers or facilitators to do the same thing with your people. The results will be stunning.

Take us on as your performance partner. We are direct communicators. We don’t sugar-coat our diagnosis nor tone down what we believe needs to happen. Give us a call and see if our approach to performance matches your needs. We will put the words on this page into action for you!

— Janelle Barlow, President, All Out Performance

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