1. We Treat Complaints As Gifts

One of our most important concepts is A Complaint Is a Gift. We have become world famous because of this idea. Sometimes we have to give a “gift” to each other. We are a company that works hard at receiving such gifts with a strongly felt, “Thank you.”

2. More Than One Set of Eyes

It’s too easy to make mistakes — and then not catch them. That’s why everything gets proofread or looked at before going out of the All Out Performance office. We love mistakes that are caught.

3. Fast Follow up

When something needs to get done, we do it right away. We follow up within 24 hours whenever a client contacts us. We shift priorities to make sure we are always doing the “right things.”

4. Relentless Improvement

We always attempt to do things better. We grow by achieving our work and our personal and life goals. The marketplace demands that we and the All Out Performance brand keep improving.

5. Walking Our Talk

If somebody filled out a checklist about All Out Performance, they would find that we Walk our Talk. We live all our teaching principles as fully as we can!

6. Creativity

We explore new ideas and new ways of doing things — always! This way we find unusual ways, including customized songs, creativity materials that don’t include standard “workbooks” to approach our clients. It’s one of our differentiators.

7. Appreciation

We thank everyone for a job well done — our colleagues, our clients, and our suppliers. Everyone does better if they are given extra sparkle and love.

8. We Operate As a Team

Stars are great. They especially sparkle when they are part of a team of stars! Our “stars” support each other and aim for the entire team to win.

9. We Communicate As If Our Lives Depend On It!

Do you have something to say? Please speak up! Complaints, news, and information when shared keep others in the loop. We all benefit from everyone knowing as much as possible. Our brand depends upon communication.

10. Bottom Line Focus

While people value different things, we know that most people place particular importance on the bottom line! We are careful with our own money — and with our clients’ money.