All Out Performance, first and foremost, focuses on helping you reach your performance needs: to provide robust customer service that matches your brand, or to help you move your team to a tipping point of personal change so they can embrace the many organizational changes you are undertaking, or to build a culture that supports the highest levels of performance from energized teams of employees, or a variety of other strategic objectives you have set to achieve your business objectives.

We focus on sustainability of ideas and processes, so you can own your content, make adjustments in it, teach and train it, while at the same time getting to use the creative ideas generated by a team headed up by content experts from around the world. All programs and processes have been redesigned with sustainability in mind without sacrificing the best thinking.

We offer our performance-based learning experiences at three levels.

Level One: Tailored All-Out Learning Experiences with Reinforcement Apps
Level Two: Customized All-Out Processes
Level Three: You Own It: Built for Your Specific Performance Needs

We do not offer off-the-shelf generic training programs. We believe your needs are too specific to be achieved by sitting people in a classroom and then checking a box that learning has taken place. All of our learning experiences are carefully crafted and tailored at three different levels to your needs. All are followed up with coaching sessions. Both our learning experiences and our coaching sessions can be facilitated by our team of experts or by your in-house talent.

OUR GUARANTEE: We will continue to develop and refine content and materials for you until you have a package of performance materials that matches the scope we identify with you.


  • We can show up at your doorstep and offer one or multi-day learning programs led by highly experienced facilitators.
  • In order to insure learning that converts to improved performance by almost everyone who attends one of our programs, our preference is to offer a Investigatory Consultation prior to customizing a program for your employees. We do this through telephone consultations, pre-conference evaluations, and questionnaires.
  • We can also teach you’re training facilitators to deliver any of our programs. When we do this, we encourage you to make a decision that is financially sensible for you. Our programs are not necessarily easy to deliver so they require observation, practice, and evaluation by our facilitators.
  • We can also provide follow-up summary reports to your Management or HR teams.
  • These programs can also be bundled, even reduced in size to 3 or 4 hour offerings and building a several month long curriculum that is linked to your competency areas.


We avoid using standard workbooks for participants. Rather we develop job aids that participants will be more likely to use when they complete the learning experience. These include tactile aids that can be carried or placed on a desk top; they include electronic apps that use avatars and can have a variety of information pushed to them depending on the needs of the organization. They include pins, songs, desk cubes. We are only limited by our
imagination and your revenues. We also offer post-program support tele-support sessions and learning applications.

We also have produced and own a Web-based App for dissemination of pre-course materials, content used during the programs, and post-program performance reinforcement. Our Train the Facilitator Packages are complete and easy to follow.

Our Power Points to be used during the program delivery are beautifully designed and tailored to include your graphics and relevant images.


We use a variety of training styles to drive performance success. This is particularly true in the area of “soft skills” which is the speciality area we have focused on for the past thirty years. We place a heavy emphasis on experiential learning.

We work with the following assumptions:

  1. Effective performance cultivation must start with a clear definition of the behaviors that will create performance improvement that link to your organization or team’s strategic goals. These behaviors need to be identified as do the actions that make up performance. Once you have clearly identified those, then performance learning can be planned.
  2. Performance improvement must be learner focused, rather than content focused. For this reason, a consultation analysis must be done prior to developing a clear understanding of what performance will be emphasized. We have found that once a relationship has been established with your team, that much of this work can be done virtually avoiding costly trips back and forth to your work sites.
  3. Team Learning activities will be identified including discussions about Best Practices, Quality Standards, and Complex Emergent Practices and Behaviors.
  4. Pre-Course Learning: We involve Managers, including Goal Setting with the Learners prior to learning sessions. We link learning to Business Goals and prepare learners for the learning sessions.
  5. In-Course Learning: All Learning is practical, exercise based, and linked to relevant job performance behaviors. Learning through use of Stories and Experiences is emphasized.
  6. Post-Course measurement of Behavioral Application of Learning

NOTE: If you need content based training, there are plenty of ways to get your needs met that are less expensive than what we offer. However, if what you are looking for is improved staff performance over a period of time, then extra effort is required. We can provide that.

Please call and see how we can help. We’re happy to discuss your performance objectives.

Our approaches. We’re flexible in how we work with organizations.

Level One: Learning Experiences

Tailored learning session experiences

We deliver or you deliver using our train the facilitator packages

Our tool kits: we can work side by side with you, or we can develop processes and learning experiences for you — and get out of your way!

Included in all of our performance approaches:

  • Investigatory consultation prior to development
  • Preliminary work prior to program
  • All Out Performance solutions facilitator delivers learning experiences
  • Supporting materials tailored with your name and appropriate graphics
  • Most materials are web-based rather than hard copies
  • Use of job aids, rather than traditional workshop workbooks
  • Follow-up tele-support sessions
  • Train the facilitator packages
  • Summary reports to in-house manager
  • Recommended in-house strategies to reinforce learning tailored to fit your needs and organizational structure
  • Learning web-based app for each subject area or process area

Meeting your KPI objectives at all three levels

  • Greater competitiveness
  • More robust service culture
  • Alignment with your brand
  • Stronger focus on your brand
  • Better communication
  • Higher levels of creativity
  • Innovation
  • Change management
  • Highly engaged staff
  • Living your safety strategy
  • Complaint handling

Level Two: Organization-Wide Process Areas

Customized all-out processes

We work with you to reshape your organization-wide processes

Customized all-out performance programs or processes

  • Customized with specifically built approaches and processes
  • Conduct focus groups of relevant organizational cohorts
  • Facilitation of company teams to define parameters for process
  • First delivery of programs or process delivered by AOP’s facilitator
  • Train-the-trainer options
  • Mgt training in how to conduct follow-up support sessions
  • List of recommended in-house strategies to reinforce learning
  • Additional support as required
  • Web-based app to support and motivate ongoing learning, tracking of individual and group activities, assessments and surveys

Level Three:

You own it: built for your specific performance needs

Built specifically for your organization — you own it

  • Based on AOP’s content, but designed specifically so it belongs to you
  • Audit or focus groups of relevant cohorts
  • Instruction to conduct tele-support sessions or mgt support sessions
  • Build graphical and video units for program
  • Work with internal teams to launch process
  • Train the trainer program if required
  • Huddle groups; content sample provided; work with internal team
  • To produce additional huddle groups
  • All programs and processes turned over to organization; rights to reproduce
  • Web-based app to support and motivate ongoing learning
  • Tracking of individual and group activities, assessments and surveys
  • Additional support as required

We handle above programs and processes and others you identify if they fall within our competency areas.