Welcome to the Mind Flexors!

Extensive research conducted over the past twenty years demonstrates that regular practice of exercises that call on the cognitive abilities possessed by highly innovative and inventive people can result in a measurable increase in creative capacity. Mind Flexors is a set of exercises published in 10 volumes that help develop the six mental characteristics that most creative people possess.

Practice of Mind Flexors, taking no more than a few minutes each day, will noticeably improve your ability to think creatively and be more innovative. Mind Flexors are designed to specifically target and strengthen the following characteristics. They are to the mind what flexibility, balance, strength, endurance, coordination, and grace are to the body.

The characteristics that define creative thinking include:

  • Fluency of ideas,
  • Withholding judgment,
  • Tolerance of ambiguity,
  • Flexibility and imagination,
  • Focus or immersion, and
  • Preference for disorder.

If you regularly practice these qualities, you can learn to think with greater innovation. All athletes emulate the training methods of sports champions in the hope that they, too, will reach the top of their athletic capacity. In the same way, you can train your mind to strengthen the characteristics possessed by the creative champions of history. You hear the phrase, “Practice, practice, practice,” applied to many skills. Some of us are lucky enough to excel at certain tasks without a lot of practice. The rest of us can move towards the same level of skill through repetition and practice.